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Soft Handle provides more confort for handling.
The lock ensures easy and safe handling for the users.
Full Size Display Window allows the users to pik up the required stamps easily.
Non-Slip Rupper Feet prevents the stamps from slipping and ensures quieter movements.

The index window shows the full stamp text in the actual size.
The easy position control enables you to precisely stampin the desired location.
The unique Eminent Pre-inked Stap can be re-inked for thousands more of impressions.

The Shiny Oa Pre-Inked Stamp is built with a firm structure and requires minimal pressure to ink. There are over 400 texts in more than 13 languages available to meet different demands. The unique stamp impression die and the waterproof ink provide durable impressions and worry-free infiltration.

The D-I-Y Printing Kit features a removable platen which turns it into a self-inking Stamp when required.

The spare platens allow consumers to keep the most frequently used messages without re-arrangements.

With this classical yet efficient feature, they are perfect for office uses. This allows the users to set date and texts easily.

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