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The worldwide best selling self-inking stamp with integrated stamping pad is even better now!
We set an entirely new standard with the new Printy’s compact, modern design and enhanced features!Stamp grip is made out of soft synthetics to give the product a most comfortable feel.  Stamping pads are replaced easily and without mess by simply depressing the patented click-out-button.

The Professional Line is the best stamp for 24/7 use.
Whether at the bank teller’s terminal, the doctor’s office or your office, the self-inking stamp with integrated stamping pad is preferred by the professional. The core design is made out of stainless steel.  Functional components are made out of high-quality synthetics.  Superior design and quality are the prerequisites for a leading brand!

Stamps of the Typomatic Line provide a high degree of flexibility.
Typeset your stamp’s text plate or change text as needed.
The Typomatic Line is available as Printy and Professional Line models.
Text and date stamps are available with different text plate sizes.

Stamps you might want to call true evergreens.
The models of the Classic Line are manual stamps that require an EXTRA stamping pad. Model 2910 is the preferred model because of its modern design, compound build with robust metal core.  It is suitable for many diverse uses.

From stamping to writing with a flick of the wrist.
Or the other way round? No matter which way you turn the Twin, it works each time.
The Twin with its innovative and elegant design is an exquisite gift idea.

Its design is timeless – its reliability is famous!  Materials like stainless steel and precious metals are used for the mechanical design that meet requirements of high quality standards.
Goldring – Combined Stamping and Writing Tool – it provides the stylish frame for special occasions.

Stamps for special uses includes - CLOTHING MARKER: stamp for textile printing, equipped with swop-pad replacement pads with special colors to mark textiles; motif stamps - a design stamps that displays modern elegance; MATES - colorful and attractive selection of pre-inked stamps with well-liked texts, motives and cartoons; perforation disks, etc.

Stamp holder - stamp rack for hand stamps, stamping pads - Stamp pads for manual stamps in 3 sizes, stamping colors - The stamping colours for re-inking stamping pads for manual stamps, laser rubber - Laser rubber for laser engraving devices for text plate production, etc.

Different kinds of SHINY self inking stamps, rubber stamps, pre-inked stamps, date-printer, dater stamps, die plate and office stamps. We also supply machinery and accessories for flash and polymer stamps.

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